Jim Vignato  

Lead Vocals  

....Some kids received an Atari for their 13th Birthday in the 1980s; “Jimmy” received a stage! Mr. Vignato has incredible vocal strenth and has been professionally educated for "musical theater" performance. He has built his rock voice over the years in cover bands and other projects and he has starred as the lead in many local and regional musicals over the course of his career tweaking his stage performances and building up his repertoire. From his teen years through today, Jim’s male masterful voice matured into a strong, versatile sound that truly is one of a kind. 

Jim has an uncanny ability to totally assume the roles and antics of rock's greatest icon's. In addition to his on-stage mannerisms, complimenting overall look, As the "styx tribute singer guy" Jim mirrors Dennis DeYoung & Tommy Shaw's voices and delivers an exceptional version of the Classic Styx Sound. Jim has a deep appreciation of STYX's musical phenomenon and is truly excited about the success of their tribute show, “Rockin the Paradise”. Wishing the very "Best of Times" to all. 

coming soon!