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4.8 Rating: 4.8 out of 5 

  • Rating: 5 out of 5

    Rockin the paradise

    by P on 11/21/22Showroom at Casino Arizona - Scottsdale

    Awesome show to the music of Styx 1 1/2 hour of great music


  • Rating: 5 out of 5

    Just spectacular!

    by Garrett on 3/22/22Showroom at Casino Arizona - Scottsdale

    You guys are “AWESOME”. Im sure you heard that a million times. Especially from the lady at you concert last Saturday night at Casino Arizona. That lady was over the top, but I enjoyed her “enthusiasm” almost as much as the music😂


  • Rating: 5 out of 5

    Blast From The Past

    by Tami on 3/22/22Showroom at Casino Arizona - Scottsdale

    We loved the small venue. When the sang"Babe", a rush of memories overwhelmed me. Friends family and events that I havent thoight of for years. Thank you


  • Rating: 5 out of 5

    They were awesome!

    by Jill on 3/21/22Showroom at Casino Arizona - Scottsdale

    Enjoyed the entire concert. High energy, lots is FUN! Had a great time


  • Rating: 5 out of 5

    Fun fun fun

    by Len on 3/21/22Showroom at Casino Arizona - Scottsdale

    Lots of energy. All tbe hits. They didnt disappoint. Worth seeing.


  • Rating: 5 out of 5

    Awesome show !!!!

    by Terri on 3/21/22Showroom at Casino Arizona - Scottsdale

    Great show. Lots of great songs that you can sing along to. High energy performers.


  • Rating: 5 out of 5


    by ronnie on 3/3/20Cannery Hotel and Casino - Las Vegas

    Service charge too much 7.50 for a $19.00 ticket ! AND thats the TRUTH !


  • Rating: 5 out of 5

    Rockin’ the Paradise Rocks!!

    by Dennis DeOld on 3/3/20Cannery Hotel and Casino - Las Vegas

    This show way exceeded my expectations. The lead singer was excellent. He was obviously not Lawrence Gowan or Dennis DeYoung, but he was terrific. The band was great and full of former musicians from other famous bands. The lead singer worked the crowd, getting off the stage and meandering throughout the audience several times. Excellent show!!! Highly recommended.


  • Rating: 5 out of 5

    Great band in a small venue

    by J. G. on 3/3/20Cannery Hotel and Casino - Las Vegas

    Rockin' the Paradise is loaded with accomplished musicians that play the music of Styx with a high degree of precision. The lead singer can cover Dennis DeYoungs vocals with about 95% of his range and with dead-on tonality. The Tommy Shaw songs were close but only slightly off. Excellent show for those who love the music of Styx.

  • Rating: 5 out of 5

    Wonderful performance.

    by K. W. on 10/8/19Showroom at Casino Arizona - Scottsdale

    Lead singers voice sounded exactly like the original singers.


  • Rating: 5 out of 5

    Best concert EVER!!

    by Ggriggs on 10/8/19Showroom at Casino Arizona - Scottsdale

    This band is outstanding!! It was the best concert I have ever been to. Not an exaggeration either. The entire band (especially lead vocals and guitarist) are so talented. They love playing and you can see and feel it when they perform.

  • Rating: 5 out of 5

    Spectacular time..!!

    by Gaz on 10/7/19Showroom at Casino Arizona - Scottsdale

    Once again, we had a spectacular time. The venue is intimate, and the band totally rocked-it-out..!! All six of us [the Six Pack], had an extremely enjoyable evening

  • Rating: 5 out of 5

  • Brought me way back!

    by C. R. on 10/7/19Showroom at Casino Arizona - Scottsdale

    We never expected to see such a powerful show; the room was alive! Great band with unbelievable talent. We're still talking about it!!


  • Rating: 5 out of 5

    Good band

    by Ken on 8/27/19The Rose - Pasadena

    Band was entertaining. Talented drummer. Had a good time. Band played non-stop for 2 hours without a break. Incredible stamina.

6/18/2022 - Romona B., AZ - Saw the band in Arizona we had front seats right in front of the stage. I was smiling and singing off key and it was a blast. So many great memories you brought back to me.

Please come back to AZ! I’ll be front and center

Oh and my captains hat in my room on display! You guys are AWESOME 😎

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06/18/2022 - Carol from  CT - Loved your show on the Oasis of the seas June 10th through the 17th. Jim you were nice enough to talk with me when we were in line for guest services and you introduced me to the show! I felt like I had went to 5 rock concerts in one night you guys were awesome!! You're band members were also nice at Sorrentos and on the pool deck.  

Keep up the great work! 

05/24/2022 - Justan and Nicholas 

Hey Jim, We met after your last show on Wonder of the Seas. I’m the guy who told you about your band turning my 13 year old son, Nicholas, on to rock music. I don’t know if you want to use this as a story for you in the future.

We were at all 4 shows and he was into the show more and more each night. I didn’t want to go to the Thursday show, I had something else I wanted to do, but Nick asked me like 5 times throughout the day if we can go to the show. So I took him that night.

And that was the first time I actually saw him moving around to the music. So, of course, we went to the Friday show. I just wanted to put that out to you and the band. Keep it up. You guys kick ass!!

03/10/2022 - Steve Hrovat - Not sure you remember me, but you were kind enough to dedicate a song to my wife during your Casino Arizona show in October of 2019. Even without that, we would have loved the show, so when we saw you were coming back to Casino Arizona, we jumped at the chance. We will be there on March 19 and are looking forward to it. And this time we got tickets right away, so we will be up front!!! Cannot wait!

"I wonder what tomorrow has in mind for me. Or am I even in it's mind at all?"

08/18/2019 - SEAN ALLARD PEORIA AZ, We attended the Casino Arizona Rockin' the Paradise show.... Wow what a show !! Bringing back memories galore.... hearing "Babe" all I could think was "Couples skate...couples skate only".... Vocals were amazing.... everyone in the band was awesome.... vocally and musically... a night to remember... keyboardist from Missing Persons .... what???..... this is a must see for any and All STYX FAN FAVORITES LIKE - Grand Illusion, Renegade, Crystal Ball, Suite Madam Blue, The Best of Time, and Encore of Come Sail Away... made the night....Thanks for the Memories..



Susan, Eastside Cannery 08/17/19

Hi! A group of my friends and I saw you this evening at the Eastside Cannery and loved your show. You really nailed the sound of Styx. The Zeppelin finale was phenomenal also. We are Las Vegas locals and would definitely come back and see you. Please keep me on your mailing list so I know when you are playing here again

Dawn V.  Atlantic City Boardwalk 7/2/2019

What an incredible performance. Amazing band,  amazing singer, amazing show. I haven't had that much fun in a very long time.  So thank you to all. And thank you for helping me take a selfie!


Lisa, San Manuel 2019

The band is truly awesome!! They are full of energy and outstanding sound. This is my second time watching them and I am fan :) the lead singer Jim has an amazing voice and great entertainment. I honestly thought I was listening to Tommy Shaw and sometimes Dennise :) We had a sensational time at San Manuel. 

Thank you so much RTP!


Leo D.

We attended the Mississauga Show. Great show. The songs were excellent. You made a great effort to engage the audience all the time to make us feel part of the show. Kathy especially appreciated your serenade of “Lady” to her. A great memory. (BTW now she wants to marry you!!! So my marriage is over LOL).



Was at the Mississauga show last night and it was amazing. You put on such a great show. Really entertaining. Hope to see you guys in the future.


Keep on rocking!!!



Smith haven mall 

Friday, Sep 15 04:00 AM

Great show tonight. Sounded like Styx in concert. Too bad the rain came would of loved to hear Come Sail Away as the final song. 


Lake Grove NY (Smithaven Mall)

Friday, Sep 15 02:15 AM

Great show tonight. The vocals and music were spot on terrific song selection. Too bad the rain came at the end as I would have loved hearing Come Sail Away; I'm sure this would have been the closer. BTW - saw Styx at Jones Beach in Aug and enjoyed this almost as much.


Altoona, Pa.

Saturday, Aug 5 20:38 PM

Your show last nite in Altoona was the most entertaining show of the summer there. Your talent level is off the charts and the band seemed very personable as well. You could be a cover band for Journey or many other bands if you wanted to be. The songs you played from the other bands were outstanding, but I most enjoyed your Styx renditions. We hope you will return in the future! Rock on!

Tim and Joy


Saturday, Aug 5 14:12 PM

We attended your show last night(Aug.4)you guys are amazing and we really enjoyed the show.I never attended one of these before until we talked to a friend that told us about it and all I can say is they saved the BEST for last, thanks for an awesome Show. 



Saturday, Aug 5 13:55 PM

Great show at the Alive at five last night. You guys are fantastic! I'm a huge Styx fan but too young to have seen them back in thier time, so thank you for bringing that experience. I only have one beef it was fine playing a few non Styx songs but it was too much. I was there for Mr Roboto not Bon Jovi. Lol If you are working on being other tribute bands that's great but stick to the band advertised. But everything you played still sounded amazing. 

Pat Mcconnell/altoona performance

Altoona, pa

Saturday, Aug 5 04:50 AM

You were fantastic! Best vocals, stage presence & musicianship I've seen at these concerts! You rock! 

Lori / concert in Altoona PA

Altoona PA

Saturday, Aug 5 01:19 AM

We're at the Alive at Five Concert Series in Altoona PA. You guys are on break right and a WELL DESERVED one! You all are AWESOME...thank you so much for coming  




Wednesday, Jul 26 00:45 AM

AWESOME! You all ROCK! That was the best performance that I seen over the River's Casino! I appreciate the gift that you shared with us! I would love to see this band again. Fantastic! Enjoyable! Be safe and keep smiling!  

Jim L.

Rivers Casino, Pittsburgh

Monday, Jul 24 00:55 AM

Best show yet. Rocked the Rivers on Friday. Every time I have seen you guys, always a great show. Hope the Rivers brass was watching so they will bring you back soon. Best concert by far this year. Hope to see you soon. 


River's Casino, Pittsburgh, Pa

Saturday, Jul 22 15:01 PM

Thank you for the great concert and having your picture taken with the 3 grandma's Joanie, Marianne and Mary. Hope to see you back again.


Rivers Casino, Pittsburgh, PA

Saturday, Jul 22 13:57 PM

Unbelievable show last night. Lead singer is spot on Dennis DeYoung....maybe even better!!! What a powerhouse voice!!! We loved that he came out and sang with next band GunsNRoses...Sweet Child of Mine!!! Absolutely fabulous.

Darlean Drumm

John J Burns Park, Massapequa

Wednesday, Jul 19 16:27 PM

What an incredible show last night in the park. Rockin' the Paradise was so much fun. This band has so much good energy. The lights, special effects and fantastic music made my night!! I am a follower now! Thanking you for a terrific time!

Shelly Kassorla

East Meadow

Wednesday, Jul 19 10:37 AM

You guys rocked John Burns park last night. I'm an avid Styx fan. Loved you guys

Pam K

East Meadow, NY

Wednesday, Jul 19 04:03 AM

You guys so very much ROCKED it tonight! 

Merry Wynkoop/ open air concert on L.I.

Massapequa, New York

Wednesday, Jul 19 03:36 AM

Just saw you at The Music Under The Stars concert in John Burns Park. You guys were awesome And really got the crowd up and rocking!!! Love you! Hope we can see you again next summer!

Yossi Oren

Long Island NY

Wednesday, Jul 19 03:01 AM

What an Epic night at John Burns Park , you guys absolutely rocked the park, thank you for the music ,thank you for the talent ,thank you for the fun memories you stir upwith each song , cant wait to see you again .(p;s do you have a Facebook page ?

Tony Scumaci

Rochester NY

Tuesday, Jul 4 12:23 PM

By far the best cover band I have ever seen! Unbelievable performers unbelievable show!

Jim L.


Thursday, Apr 20 16:01 PM

Glad to you guys coming to the Rivers Casino in Pitt. In July. It has been way to long. Saw you in Monrorville PA. Told you I was pushing to get you back. It is worth the wait. See you there.

Roy H

Golden Nugget Atlantic City

Sunday, Jan 29 02:33 AM

Saw you at the Golden Nugget AC this weekend. you were excellent. The lead vocalist Jim has an amazing voice. The owner of the Nugget who is always looking for a great deal per his Billion Dollar Buyer show should hire and promote Jim's new record.

Rockin The Paradise at Golden Nugget

Atlantic City, NJ

Saturday, Jan 28 05:25 AM

Just home from a fun fun night watching you at the Golden Nugget Atlantic City. We were blown away by how good you are, the warmth you show the crowd, the incredible band, Jim's insane energy to go and go and go. What a blast, we had no idea this would be so good and such fun. Thank you for making our night!  


Fall River, MA

Sunday, Oct 30 16:51 PM

Jimm, "Thank You for Rockin The Norwood Theater" 

A night of musical awesomeness ....

Adele Kiklis

Sunday, Oct 30 12:44 PM

Just saw you guys in Norwood last night. WOW! what an amazing show. Can't wait for you to hit the area again and we'll pack the place. Thank you for sharing your talent. 

awesome show

Norwood theater

Sunday, Oct 30 04:47 AM

Just saw your show at the norwood theater what an awesome show you guys nailed styx can't wait for you to return to our area you've got a new fan in me 

Joe and Lisa

Borgata AC

Saturday, Sep 3 20:12 PM

Just wanted to say thanks to Jim and the band for making our night special with our engagement and oh yea some great music, not only Styx, Jim can sing anything! Thanks again , will keep in touch Joe


Atlantic City

Saturday, Apr 9 05:13 AM

I had the pleasure of not only seeing your incredible performance tonight but also met some of the band. You guys are so talented and also just as nice as you can be! I hope you come back to Atlantic City again soon! I want to bring my son to see you! I am a huge Styx/Damn Yankees fan and have seen the two bands over 21 times! You guys rocked it!

Tila Rodriguez

Tucson, AZ

Sunday, Jan 3 07:04 AM

Honestly you boys are my new favorite band of all the bands I know!!! You did amazing and thanks for the pick!!! You guys made my life feel so inspired!!!! Keep doing what your doing and keep all of your fans (including me) rockin n' rollin!!!

Doris/ Jim Is increduble

Las Vegas -Freemont Street Jan 01/2016 

Sunday, Jan 3 05:36 AM

Jim is the most incredible singer! When Dennis DeYoung left Styx, they should have hired Jim to front Styx. Obviously Lawrence Gowan is a great front man & I love going to their live concerts. But, Jim & the band take the Styx experience & music to a more incredible level. The band consists of 5 young men, but don't let their age influence your opinion until you have heard them play. They are all so incredibly talented and sound phenomenal & enjoy every minute they are on stage. Jim is an amazing entertainer & performer. His voice is completely amazing & I can honestly say he out performs both Larry Gowan & Dennis DeYoung, both of whom I have seen perform live. Not only do they perform Styx songs, but they also sing Damn Yankees & Guns N Roses. Don't ever pass up the opportunity to see this band perform live. There is no possible way you can watch this band perform without being amazed & thrilled. Thank you so very much for being on Freemont Street & giving so many people, like myself, the opportunity to see you perform. You deserve a permanent residence at a major venue so more people in this world can witness your exceptional talent! 


Phoenix Az.

Sunday, Mar 8 15:07 PM

WOW!! What a great tribute band. I was able to visit with the band after Friday show and ask if they could play Miss America on Saturday. They said they would and they did. It was incredible. Such nice guys. Can't wait till your back in Phoenix. If your a Styx fan this band is a must see. Rock on guys!

Fran. De Vries Tubbs

Washington IL

Sunday, Mar 8 05:15 AM

You were FABULOUS! To know there were only two rehearsals was astounding! Thank you youtube for these tallented musicians. Take note music world-this IS STYX! Already bought dvd of Styx. Thanks for a wonderful night. We will watch for any further concerts. Please come to Peoria IL!

Ben Ragunton

Pheonix, AZ

Saturday, Mar 7 16:46 PM

I just saw you guys at Casino Arizona... Holy smokes... Amazing!!! Question: the line up that I saw tonight is not the same line up listed on the website or here on the Facebook page. I would gladly follow this band if tonight's line up were a part of it, as I found them to be an incredibly gifted group of musicians (And dammit they were so unbelievably nice!!!). I would follow those musicians to the end of the earth!!! Will they be listed as part of this band, and if not, do they as a band, or as individuals, have a presence in social media? They have themselves a brand new fan!!!



Anthony D.

Suffolk, NY

Saturday, Aug 7 15:13 PM

What a show! I have to say my mom, dad, and I thought that the show was was absolutely stunning! You were incredible, not to mention the band! Once again, wow! We were amazed at the performance you and the band put on, and we will always remember it. My dad said that if you closed your eyes, you were hearing the original band Styx. He reminisced and remembered all the songs you played, especially "Come Sail Away." We also loved the way you engaged the audience the whole time.  

Kathy DiPaola

Bellport Bandshell, NY

Saturday, Aug 7 08:00 AM

This evening was the first time my family and I saw Rockin' the Paradise perform. You guys are true entertainers. We thoroughly enjoyed how personal you made the performance by getting the audience involved, especially the little ones. 

It was a great show and a fun filled evening. Looking forward to seeing you again when you are in town. 

Kathy from Islip, NY



Saturday, Jul 24 15:40 PM

hey! saw u in vegas on july 14th...i LOVE you guys!! i have tons of pics still in my phone..i seriously doubt u recall but i was making an ass of myself and eventually you danced with me (even if for a sec) but you made my night!! my first trip to vegas will never be forgotten! thank you sooo much!! you are awesome! gina


Henderson, Nevada

Saturday, Jul 17 22:57 PM

Ohmyfrigginlord! You guys are great!

Caught you show in Las Vegas

Evergreen, CO.

Saturday, Jul 17 21:04 PM

You guys made our Las Vegas experience the best! We too wish we could catch more of your appearances. The best high energy tribute band ever. 
Come to Colorado soon. 
From two big fans.


Las Vegas

Wednesday, Jul 14 23:19 PM

We read in the newspaper that you boys were coming in from NYC and we had to be at your show! Thanks for the many memories-Babe, Come Sail Away, Crystal Ball, Too Much Time, Why Me I wish I could name them all because you did a amazing job performing them.


Las Vegas, NV

Wednesday, Jul 14 09:07 AM

Best tribute show I have seen. Thanks for singing to me! Wish I were staying in Vegas longer so I could see another show but got to go back to LA!

Trevor Romain

New Jersey

Wednesday, Jun 30 16:44 PM

I've never seen a tribute band that was just as good as the original band that wrote the music. I have seen STYX several times, Rockin the Paradise has as much energy, amazing musical talent and enjoyable vocals!


Staten Island

Tuesday, Jun 29 16:02 PM

I loved your show--

Ben/ gear


Tuesday, Jun 29 09:54 AM

If you guys ever offer any swag (t-shirts, hats, stickers) I would be quite interested. lol I need a 4XL T tho. Maybe just a cap and some stickers for me. anyway, you guys were the best part of our visit to the Mohegan sun in May. I was really impressed. I had seen Elton John and AC/DC just 2 weeks prior to your show and you guys got what it takes, I think.

Ben/ you rock

I'm in Iowa 

Tuesday, Jun 29 09:47 AM

You guys are kick ass. I wish you all great success.



Sunday, Jun 27 12:33 PM

Hey guy's: Me and my wife caught your show at Trump Marina's fake fest.Want to say that you guys blew the roof off and were the best of all 3 bands . The vocals were amazing, the antics were great, and overall a unbelieveable performace from all band members.Wish you guys would play more of the South Jersey/ Philly area.

charlie olin


Tuesday, Jun 22 00:46 AM

Hey Jimmy you have come a long way since we were kids growing up on munsell rd.. great to see that you are doing great see you soon....

Paulie and Marg 

Las Vegas

Thursday, Jun 10 15:51 PM

We just bought our tickets to Las Vegas, We can't wait to see you guys again and now we are actually turning it into a vacation!!!!


Nutty Irishman

Thursday, Apr 29 13:49 PM

The show at the Nutty Irishman was incredible, you blew our minds. my wife cannot wait for the next one. Thank you. b

Incredulous STYX SHOW

New York

Monday, Feb 22 20:45 PM



Dix Hills

Wednesday, Feb 17 21:59 PM

You blew us away! Mr Roboto, how did you do that? Great videos too. Hope you guys take this to the next level. We loved the show.


Dix Hills

Monday, Feb 15 20:52 PM

Hey Jim, 
The performance was phenomenal last night. It was a real pleasure working with you. 
If you ever need any technical support, I’ll be glad to help. 



Dix Hills

Sunday, Feb 14 15:45 PM

Didn't know this was going to be so much fun,Great show!Blown away, you guys rocked.

Dawn and Richard Keeshan

Sunday, Feb 14 04:26 AM

My husband and I saw your group at Five Towns College. It was so unbelievably fantastic. I cannot tell you how much we enjoyed the entire performance. Jim V. has an incredible voice and the band and singers were spectacular!!!! 



Monday, Feb 8 11:30 AM

Jim, thanks to Denise I got another chance to hear your fantastic voice when you played at Jones Beach!! OMG!!! you do capture the whole Styx feeling in a way that is mind blowing!!! hope to see you some day really!!!! sincerely Jan from CT

Bill Masem


Thursday, Jan 28 23:46 PM

I was at your show at Connoly's in Times Square and we were amazed at how awesome you were. Keep it rockin' see you next time.

Marcus Quincy / Incredible


Tuesday, Jan 5 03:25 AM

Wow. Bravo Sir. I Have Been A Styx Fan Since i was a wi lad. It is so nice to see that the styx legacy lives on through you. I thank you, styx thanks you, and i believe one day the world will thank. 

Malcolm Finch


Sunday, Dec 20 15:52 PM

Amazing job at The Wolf Den fellas. What a group! Well done by all!

Isabella and Gary Johnstone


Friday, Dec 18 19:13 PM

YOU SIX MEN WERE ABSOLUTELY TERRIFIC! We attend many shows at Mohegan Sun and this is the first band we had to look up their website to see what they were all about. Thank you for the excellent music! Come to Boston!

Mitch and Jonie

Stamford, CT

Thursday, Dec 17 01:18 AM

what a pleasant surprise last night. Your band is amazing. And we will be back. When are you playing the wolf den again?

Mary Clear


Monday, Nov 23 19:32 PM

Such talent from Long Island!

Billy, John and Chrissy crrew

Port jazz

Saturday, Nov 21 15:03 PM

we were blown away by your performance last night. Your show was amazing. thank you. it was Chrissy birthday and we had a blast singing Mr. Roboto...What a blast from the past!



Friday, Aug 28 22:33 PM

I saw you last night with my friend Maria Manganas and her friend Sue-you guys were amazing and awesome!! You are all so talented, and I love that Jim has as theatrical background-that adds an extra special touch. I can't wait to hear you guys again! 


Millburn, NJ

Friday, Aug 28 19:33 PM

I was anticipating your BB Kings show for most of the summer. I learned about your band from Invisible Sun. I have seen both bands, The Police and SYTX several times and its nice to know there are talented people re-enacting these band's shows with such precision and charisma. I look forward to seeing you again!


Tom Kempf

Phoenix, Arizona

Saturday, Mar 7 05:26 AM

Saw you guys tonight at Casino Arizona and YOU ROCKED IT! I've seen STYX 20+ times, including last month, and yours was a very memorable concert - I enjoyed it immensely. Can't wait to do it again. 


Phoenix, AZ

Saturday, Mar 7 05:13 AM

I just came from seeing the first of your two nights at Casino Arizona... Simply put, it was amazing! 

I met the various members of the band, most notably Roger and Andrew... I'm sorry that they are not represented here on the website as I found them both to not only be gifted and well trained musicians, but truly wonderfully nice guys. 

As I told them, this concert made me, a 53 year old man, feel like he was 18 again!!!


phoenix, az

Thursday, Jan 29 00:49 AM

Looking so forward to the bands shows at casino Arizona in march. Plan on going both nights. I hope you will change the song 
List for each show. And please play the deep cuts. As a true Styx fan, I know and love to hear all their songs. 
Let's go way back an play 'quick is the beat of my heart' and 'best thing'! I can't wait.

Barbara Conley

Baldwinsville, NY

Sunday, Aug 3 04:58 AM

What a great concert! Had a blast even as it rained. Love Styx and you guys are awesome. Hope you come back soon.

Thania Reyome

Baldwinsville, NY

Sunday, Aug 3 03:10 AM

Great show tonight guys! Just left and didn't want it to end. Have a safe trip home! Keep rockin! 

Amazing show!

Island Park, NY

Sunday, Sep 1 03:19 AM

Rockin'The Paradise takes Styx music to a new level. The lead singer is a star--great voice; great personality. He can straddle me any day! Sorry I didn't have some dollars handy! I didn't want the night to end. This was definitely not an ordinary concert! Thank you! Happy Labor Day!


Huntington, NY

Thursday, Aug 22 23:17 PM

Rocked out with you guys last night in Levittown. Had my two kids with me ages 10 and 7. Can't say who loved the show more. You really make it fun and enjoyable for everyone. Thank you all for a great night. Not sure how I can top that as my kids first concert. 

Gerry and Linda


Saturday, Dec 29 22:14 PM

We saw you at your Labor Day 2012 performance in Pittsburgh, Pa. We absolutely LOVED you; we were both blown away by your show and hope you come back to PITTSBURGH! Please!!!!!


Pittsburgh, PA

Wednesday, Sep 5 23:20 PM

Great show at the Rivers Casino. I'm the girl who caught your sailor hat. What a performance....loved it loved it loved it.


Downtown Nails in Pitts

Saturday, Sep 1 15:59 PM

Our entire staff in coming Sunday, We'll be the loud ones!!!!! can't wait!!!!!!

Savin Rock


Wednesday, Aug 22 20:19 PM

You were one of the best bands I've ever seen at the savin rock fest. I know this because usually if I don't know the music I walk away... and this time it drew me in instead! If I didn't have a dj booked for my wedding you guys would be perfect keep it up! 


greenlawn new york

Sunday, Jul 22 21:31 PM

Saw you guys last night at jones beach. Seriously one of the best shows I have EVER seen. (including any concerts Ive seen..and there have been many) Jim..your voice is unbelievable! your drummer..excellent!! keyboards,bass, rhythm, lead guitars..fantastic!! I actually have the STYX DVD Return to Paradise and listened to it on the way over..You and the band were GREAT-GREAT-GREAT...Will go down in my book as the best live show I have seen so far!! looking forward to next year!! 
Regards, Bob

Song Choice

Will try to make the Jones Beach in July

Tuesday, May 1 20:47 PM

The last concert I saw you at was in Yonkers ny afew yrs ago. I wish you guys would come back. This is a suggestion there are so many hits that I feel to do the songs that are not known is a waste of time. Remember you're a tribute band. Stay with the hits and forget the unpopular songs. Can't wait tosee you guys again. 


Coconut Creek, Fl

Sunday, Feb 26 02:11 AM

Caught your show tonight in front of the hometown crowd. You guys were great and really rocked the house. I kept up with you word for word, being that I have been an old time Styx fan, seen them many times and go back to their days of Crystal Ball. Thanx for coming and hope to see you again sometime in the future. It was The Best Of Times. 

Jon Wheeler

Twin Cities 

Tuesday, Feb 14 02:03 AM

hi this message is for John....hi John, 

This is Jon Wheeler, keyboard player for the tribute band ARCH ALLIES ( and I am trying to learn a new song for US anyways (miss America) on the keys and am lost in finding the true sound for the keyboard lead in middle of the song..beginning is no problem fact its a piece of cake with both keyboards...My issue is i am playing on 2 Korg Triton Studios and simply can't find the patch(es) to emulate the sound ...It sounds like a 5th type of voice/patch but can't locate you play Korg Triton's or different boards? let me know...any help is appreciated....also, how can i 'sequence' the intro for TOO MUCH TIME on my hands and ending on the Triton's? Let me know ..thanks! 
507 301 1404 is my cell call or text anytime!!



Wednesday, Jan 11 02:36 AM


Thank God!

Ft. Lauderdale

Tuesday, Jan 10 05:49 AM

We have been waiting 2 years for this..Thank you for coming to South Florida!!!!!!!! We will see you on the 24th!!!!

Paul & Danette Eliseo

Youngstown Ohio

Wednesday, Sep 7 02:28 AM

Rivers Casino that show was incredible, we wish it would have lasted 2x longer. The band was great, you're front work and vocals... just amazing. I have some video of the show if you are interested email me. Thanks again, one of the best concert events we've been to in a long time. I forgot that styx had some many hits, knew every song.

Debra shoemaker

Dana Point, CA

Monday, Aug 8 14:37 PM


Bonnie T

Yorba Linda, CA

Monday, Aug 8 04:46 AM

You guys were awesome! You ROCKED Dana Pt today. Wish you would add more So Ca dates.

The Bloom Family

Dana Point, CA

Monday, Aug 8 03:42 AM

Great show in Dana Point today! My family had an excellent time - you guys really rocked it!! THANKS!!

Don & Gail

Bellport on the Bay

Friday, Jul 22 03:13 AM

You and your band were just off the charts.Very high energy, As a Styx fan you were just amazing. Your interaction with the kids was wonderful. Hope to see you again.

Tina&Fam/ Bellport Bandshell on the Bay

Bellport, NY

Saturday, Jul 16 03:00 AM

We enjoyed the concert soooo much. What a fantastic band. The lead singer has an amazing voice, very powerful. Thank you for coming to Bellport!!!!!

Mary Carter

Farmingville, NY

Monday, Apr 4 15:42 PM

Hi, We were at the Autism fundraiser on Sat. at the Nutty Irishman. Your performance was incredible and by far the best of all. We wished it had been alot longer, but knew that we all had to exit by 8p.m. Jim, it was great talking with you. You have an incredible voice. Please put us on your email list, as we want to attend one of your performances asap. Continued success, 
Mary Carter & Frank Cesare 

Anna Brody

New Jersey

Friday, Oct 29 15:37 PM

We went to hear Styx last night at the Beacon Theater in NYC and as they were good last night we REALLY miss seeing you guys play. JY & Tommy rocked as always but somehow we enjoy listening to Rockin The Paradise SO MUCH MORE!!!! Can't wait to see you all again SOON. Maybe in Vegas for New Years! Keep on Rockin The Paradise and the world! You are truely talented musicians and well worth going to see.

The Lighthouse @Twin River 


Wednesday, Oct 20 20:26 PM

I am originally from Suffolk County LI.Styx is one of my favorite bands and Dennis De Young's voice is not an easy one to duplicate. You did honors to the band, not just to play the music but to get it as accurate as possible..well done!! The You Tube videos do not do you justice at all. 
I hope you come back around again soon...good music is hard to come by up this way

Wow Dudes, You Guys Are Great! Neal


Monday, Oct 18 23:06 PM

I remember Hank Horton touring with Dennis DeYoung. He is an awesome bass player. Glad you stole him!


Rhode Island-Newport

Monday, Oct 18 16:59 PM

We went to Twin River Casino to gamble and we were sure to pull up seats near your unbelieveable show. All my friends were amazed at the musicians, you certainly were incredible, loved every song! Come back quick! Love, Chris

great show

Twin River...Lincoln, RI

Monday, Oct 18 02:13 AM

Hey guys, 

My friends and I went to see you play Saturday night. I must say the music was awesome and the vocals were amazing. I'll definately go see you again if you come again. 


Steve G

Twin River, Lincoln, RI

Sunday, Oct 17 13:24 PM

Saw your performance last night. A fantastic show! very personable, very talented, voice was RIGHT ON and the musicians were all "on the money". Can't wait for you to come back this way ... i'll be sure to have LOTS of friends in attendance!


New York

Friday, Aug 28 14:36 PM

STANDING OVATION! How much fun was BB King Blues Club! This band is amazing your energy ignited TIMES SQUARE.

Jason and Jordana

Merrick NY

Monday, Aug 10 21:28 PM

So glad we have our Rockin' The Paradise Tickets!

roboto writes:

See you at BB KINGS!

Bob - Jones Beach Events

Jones Beach Bandshell

Monday, Aug 10 20:28 PM

Just had to share....that show the other night was one of the best shows we've ever had at the beach. I've never seen anything like what I saw the other night. Congrats guys!!! 

See you next summer...for sure. 

roboto writes:

Thank you Bob, we had a blast!!! See you next year!


Long Island

Monday, Aug 10 12:59 PM

Heys guys thank you so much for an awsome night at jones beach. It truley was spactacular and seeing the real stix cant even come close to the way u guys sounded last night. 

Also thank you for letting me come up on stage and jam with you guys. it was alot of fun. 

If you guys are ever in need of a fill in drummer for your band let me know ive been playing the drums for about 7 years and love the music of stix. 

Take care and thanx for a great time MIKE G 



Sunday, Aug 9 16:21 PM

Sick STYX SHOW! Loved every song.

Jennifer, Brian, Molly and Rhen

Jones Beach

Sunday, Aug 9 15:59 PM

We just want to tell you that the concert you gave in Jones Beach blew us away. Your talent is amazing and we look forward to seeing many shows in the near future. Good luck to all of you!

Bev, Sam, Jim, Marwi, Rob, Jen, Ian, Cor

Long Island Jones B

Sunday, Aug 9 06:26 AM

Lordie Lord that was some great show! What's next for this outstanding Styx Band? 

Ed and Kimberly

Long Island

Saturday, Aug 8 21:40 PM


Andy G ( Jones Beach Show)

Nassau county Long Island

Saturday, Aug 8 15:04 PM

You guy rocked the house last nite. The best I've seen in a long time. I took a ton of photos and will send them to you as soon as I edit. Thanks for a great time. A


Wilkes barre PA

Friday, Aug 7 21:28 PM

The show was great!!!! Please come back again soon.......



Monday, Jul 27 01:07 AM

You fellas did great at Mohegan Sun! Nice job on my favorite tunes.



Saturday, Jul 25 23:50 PM

Relived the "best of times" in 2009 in Wilkes-Barre...come on back you hear?!?!?


Wilkes-Barre, PA

Friday, Jul 24 19:59 PM

One word sums it all up...AWESOME!!!! Styx was the first concert I seen in the 80's and your show was next to the best of Styx! Hope to see you in Wilkes-Barre again soon! 


New York

Monday, Jul 20 21:20 PM

You're such a professional band! I really felt I was one of the lucky few to have received a front-row seat rock concert ticket! Really great, excellent job!

Bev F


Sunday, Jul 19 17:45 PM

Visiting family in Staten Island we saw your rock band show. Its nice to be in the front row for a change! Up close and personal with the very best performing band I've ever seen around. Good luck to all of you I hope you have many wonderful shows as you did last night.

Jean Boyle

Staten Island

Friday, Jul 17 19:53 PM

Saw you guys last night at Cloves Lakes. You were great... looking forward to BBKings.


Clove Lake Park

Friday, Jul 17 14:14 PM

Crystal Ball (fabulous) Rockin’ the Paradise (rockin' Blue Collar Man (unbelieveable) Lady (I got to dance with my Lady) Too Much Time on My Hands (fun) Grand Illusion (out of this world) Babe (danced with my Lady again) Fooling Yourself (outrageous!)Come Sail Away (the very very best) Renegade (outstanding) Not Dead Yet (cruisin' Lorelei (won't ever forget that one) Don’t Let It End (awesome job) Best of Times (BOX OFFICE SELLER)Taking the friends to BB Kings next month, see ya then. 

Liberty, Paula, Maureen, Tina, Mike Rob

Staten Island

Friday, Jul 17 14:02 PM

WOWOWOWOWOWOWOW! What a show! What a band! What personalities! What ROCK! What drumming! What rhythms! What a song list! What excitement! Jimmy VVVVVVV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


Barbara and Joseph

Atlantic City NJ

Friday, Jul 10 02:48 AM

Caught your Styx act twice now in Atlantic City. What energy and excitement! You guys are the best band around. Thanks for a great night out and keep on Rockin' The Paradise!


Yonkers, NY

Wednesday, Jul 1 14:26 PM

You guys were great at Bally's Bikini Beach Bar! The weather was great and hearing some of our favorite tunes done so well by the beach made it perfect. Looks like you guys had as much fun playing as we all did listening to you. Keep up the great work! See you soon.


Yonkers, NY

Thursday, Jun 25 13:12 PM

See you guys tonight at Bally's Bikini Beach Bar! We can't wait!

What can I say!!!

Empire City, Yonkers, ny

Wednesday, May 27 05:37 AM

Styx is one of my favorite bands. I need to congratulate all of you. Your sound was right on. It was amazing hearing what styx should sound like. Jim sounds like a young Dennis DeYoung. You better make sure the real band doesn't here you. 
Thanks again for bringing me back to the Paradise. 
Philip Klipper 
#1 Styx Fan

Anna Brody


Friday, May 22 21:24 PM

We just came home from hearing you play at Yonkers Raceway and YOU GUYS ROCK!!! From the first word out of Jim's mouth you thought you were listening to Dennis himself. The drummer was so tight and all of the other band members were excellent too. You need a place on your website for your fans to post their brags about how great you all really are. PLEASE, feel free to post this one. We can't wait to see you again when you are back in town or somewhere close by. You're worth traveling to go and see. Thank you so much for a great night and for taking us back in time with your awesome performance. You are really over the top when it comes to tribute bands! ROCK ON!!!! 


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